@Alan Thordsen I actually bought one while at Maker Faire and found out it works extremely well with PVA. So happy with this purchase.

B. Underwood

I saw immediate results even using a brand new roll of PETG I literally opened the day I got the dryer. Print before was good, print with dryer was damn near perfect. So you’ve got a fan here.

Robbie C.

July 31, 2019 Verified Amazon Purchase

Purchased this item to be sure that filaments like nylon, PVA & HIPS print as they should. This dryer insures that the moisture is driven out of the filament prior to it being fed into the nozzle. The unit has the ability to adjust to different temperatures based upon the material being used. There is also a readout of the actual temperature so you can monitor it closely. It comes fully assembled and ready for use. I noticed a difference in the very first print. I HIGHLY recommend this product if you are working with the various materials that are affected by moisture. It beats having to run your rolls of filament in a dehydrator or warm them up in an oven as this accomplishes the same thing as the filament is being fed to the hot end. The company that produces them has great customer service and is easy to contact. The only drawback is the small cooling fan is a little noisy but I have been told that they are working on that issue.

Jeff S.

August 9, 2019 Verified Amazon Purchase Great product and amazing customer service. I’ve made a few prints with this so far and have seen improvements in print quality. If you don’t have one get one. Totally worth it. I broke a small piece on the dryer head removing it from a mount I made. Called he support line and they had a new one to me in a day. This is a company that stands behind their products.

Eric H.