Technical Support

Our Tech support team is ready to answer any of your questions. Email us, or give us a call, between 8:00am and 4:00pm PST and you can talk to the designers and makers of the IFD-175.

Contact Information

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (530) 748-2284

Address: 6671 Merchandise Way, Diamond Springs, CA 95619


PROBLEM: Filament hangs up while loading through the dryer.

SOLUTION 1: Check to make sure that the bowden tube ends are not crushed, cut tube with a sharp knife rather than wire cutters.

SOLUTION 2: Be sure that the bowden tubes are inserted all the way into the connectors.

SOLUTION 3: Cut the filament at an angle to allow it to pass over any gaps or mismatched connections.

PROBLEM: PID Power cycles of and on.

SOLUTION: The ceramic heater has a short. Turn unit off immediately and contact technical support.

PROBLEM: Cooling fan is making a chattering noise.

SOLUTION: A mounting screws may be too loose or too tight. Check tightness of all screws. If the problem persists, contact technical support.

PROBLEM: PID output temperature increases to 1381 degrees and then flashes the message “oRal”.

SOLUTION 1: Thermocouple connectors on back of PID are loose. Check that connections are tight.

SOLUTION 2: Thermocouple wires are connected to PID backwards. Check connections against the wiring diagram below to insure correct connection.

SOLUTION 3: Thermocouple has gone bad. Contact technical support.

PROBLEM: Heater is not warming up.

SOLUTION 1: Check that the red PV output light on PID is either solid or blinking. If it is not, the PID is bad. Contact technical support.

SOLUTION 2: Remove cover and check to see if the red power light on the mosfet board is on solid. If it is not on or blinking, check the power connections to insure they are tight.

SOLUTION 3: Remove cover and check to see if the blue light on the mosfet board is solid or blinking in unison with the PV output light on the PID. If it is not, either the control wire (blue and white) or the mosfet board is bad. Contact tech support.