Drying Unit Upgrade


Our new IFD-175 EX Drying Unit can be used as an upgrade to our older IFD-175R and IFD-175S Units, or a replacement for your existing IFD-175 EX Drying Unit.

It may also be possible integrate it into the arduino board on your 3D printer.

  • Patent Pending
  • Weight: 2.8 oz (80grams)
  • Length: 5.8″, 147mm
  • Diameter: 1″, 25.4mm
  • Power requirements: 12 volt, 5 amp DC

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If you have one of the older 175R or 175S models of the inline filament dryer, you will be able to upgrade it to the same level as the IFD-175 EX with the drying unit upgrade. The drying unit of the IFD-175 EX uses the same connectors as the 175R and 175S models which allows for interchangeability. This item is also a direct replacement for the drying unit of the IFD-175 EX should yours need replacement.

As the filament enters, a heating element heats the inner tube which vents out to the layer of desiccant. This helps control the water vapor that is expelled and pulls it away from the filament, making sure it is not recaptured by the filament upon exit from the drying unit. The heat that dries the filament will also recharge the desiccant. As the desiccant heats up, it releases water vapor though the vents at the end caps of the unit. This recharges the desiccant back to a state that will perform best.

For instruction on how to recharge the desiccant, visit our YouTube Channel.

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