IFD-175 EX Filament Dryer


The IFD-175 EX is a plug-and-play system designed to get you up and running quickly. It can be used as a standalone drying solution or as a companion to passive drying methods like oven baking and using a dehydrator.

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Introducing the IFD-175 EX, the latest advancement in inline filament drying from Thordsen 3D. Our new (patent pending) Drying Unit is designed to adapt to virtually any hobbyist or professional grade 3D printer available. Through heat, desiccant, and air flow, it extracts moisture and maintains stability of all types of 1.75mm filament.  Additionally, it maintains constant internal heat temperature and increases user safety with its double insulation.

With an inline filament dryer, you can ensure the filament is dry right before it reaches the hot end, which is where it matters most. Even with filament that was previously dried as an entire spool, it can end up absorbing moisture before it prints. As the spool sits on the spool holder, it is exposed to the elements, including moisture. This is where inline filament dryers prevail in drying where it counts. Because it reaches up to 140°C, the IFD-175 EX surpasses conventional dryer temperatures, making it suitable for materials like nylon, PETG, and many others.

With a compact design, the IFD-175 EX will fit many different print space setups, especially those with limited space. The control box is the largest piece of the dryer with the dimensions being 7 1/2″ x 4 3/8″ x 2 1/2″.

This kit includes the control box, heating unit, 1 meter section of Bowden tube, and 2 Velcro straps for mounting.


For videos showing how to use the IFD-175 EX, visit our YouTube channel.

Don’t forget to check out our Downloads page to find 3D printable accessories for your setup.



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Weight 48 oz
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 5 in


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