Bend Restrictor


Excessive drag on filament being pulled through Bowden (PTFE) tube from the material spool to your 3D printer can cause feed errors like stripping the filament and even breakage. Our Bend Restrictor helps prevent unnecessary drag on filament by reducing the chance of kinking. The coils fit snugly over the Bowden Connectors on each end of the IFD-175 EX. It will also fit any 7.75mm brass or steel Bowden connector.


  • 117.5 mm (4.625″) long
  • Fits 7.75mm (.305″) Bowden (PTFE) connectors
  • Zinc-Plated Music-Wire Steel
  • Closed and Ground Ends

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Creating a smooth and efficient feed path is important for proper extrusion rates and preventing feed errors. Prevent kinks in your filament and Bowden tube with the bend restrictor. The anti-kink-spring creates smooth curves in the filament path to block snags and hard bends from occurring. This bend restrictor, made of zinc-coated music wire steel, comes in a length of 117.5mm (4.625″). Its diameter also allows for a snug fit over the common 7.75mm (.305″) Bowden tube connectors, which can be found here.

For instruction on how to create feed efficiency, visit our YouTube page.

For 3D printable accessories, visit our Downloads page.

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 6 × 9 × .5 in


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